ATTENTION future Cash Physio owners. You need this Roadmap to be successful FAST.

  •  Get 6 EASY to follow steps that will set your cash physio practice up for success!
  •  Discover what not to NEGLECT when you start your practice. Hint- this could ruin your cash practice if you don't avoid this.
  •  The mindset shift you must make to be successful in this model. Warning.... you didn't learn this in school.

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Yves Gege

Physical Therapist/Owner Made2Move Physical Therapy

This information is dead on. I wish I would have learned this years ago when I was a PT student.

Theresa Larson

Physical Therapist/Owner MovementRX

All PTs should get this information. Our lack of business education as a profession is a real problem. These resources are a great first step to start learning how to take your career into your own hands.
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